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Long runs of pipe or a deteriorated pipe system will require immediate attention but usually involved lengthy downtimes and messy repair work. Fortunately, you can avoid issues with above-ground disruptions and costly post-project cleanup while still getting the results you expect by turning to Integrity Environmental Services. We are the trusted experts in pipe bursting technology as we rely on a minimally disruptive alternative to traditional excavation.

Pipe Bursting Overview

Trenchless pipe bursting in Lancaster, PA, starts with an inspection of the affected pipe to determine how to best proceed. If pipe bursting is indeed an appropriate option, we will use special equipment to break up or displace the existing pipe. At the same time, a new pipe of equal or greater size will be inserted into the same space. This is done in a way that involves very little excavation-related work, utilizing a special bursting head to create a new pipe within.

Common Sewer and Drain Pipe Issues

We recommend pipe bursting if we see any sign of an underground pipe problem. While unique situations can occur, there are some more common sewer and drain pipe issues that can warrant trenchless replacement. These include:

  • Frequent backups, clogs, or overflows
  • Slow drains
  • Gurgling sounds or unusual drain noises
  • Excessively wet spots on landscaped areas where there are underground pipes
  • Foul sewer/drain odors

As for the reason behind the damage to your pipes, the biggest culprits include tree roots, ground or soil shifting, and age-related wear. Underground pipes may also fully collapse in certain areas. For situations like this, pipe bursting is what our experts often recommend since a pipe needs to be stable for pipe lining – another trenchless method we use – to be an option.

Benefits of Trenchless Pipe Bursting

One of the most appealing benefits of our pipe bursting services is that it is not as invasive as traditional excavation. And any excavation that may be necessary is limited. However, there will be no need to tear up an entire street or landscaped area. This alone means you will not have to reroute traffic or block off large areas within and around your property. Pipe bursting is also an efficient and less labor-intensive repair technique. Replacing a pipe this way also protects nearby underground lines.

Integrity Environmental Services is a pipe bursting company focused on complete customer satisfaction from start to finish. We specialize in large-scale projects, including ones involving municipal systems and other situations where careful planning and coordination is beneficial. 

Are you ready to discuss the possibilities that come with trenchless pipe bursting? Reach out to Integrity Environmental Services and we will get you started with an initial assessment of the situation and a free estimate. Contact your trusted utility contractor in the local area today to discuss our pipe bursting services or to schedule an appointment by calling us or filling out the online form. We look forward to serving you.

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Integrity Environmental Services is among the top pipe lining companies today that knows how to plan, coordinate, and complete large-scale projects with maximum efficiency. With our experts handling your project, you can always expect honest, clear, and fair rates as well as our undivided attention to every detail, from initial planning to project completion.