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When it comes to cured in place pipe repair, it pays to consider your service provider. At Integrity Environmental Services, we make sure that we are the company you can confidently count on for minimally disruptive pipe restoration solutions. Once we determine CIPP pipe lining is right for your situation, we assure you of a like-new pipe without the need to dig and disrupt landscaped or paved areas.

Cured in place pipe is a trenchless pipe repair method that has been an increasingly popular alternative to traditional excavation. It essentially creates a new pipe within an existing one. This remote repair process can be used to take on small damaged sections of pipe or entire pipelines as long as there is still some degree of stability. This is an ideal method for pipes with diameters ranging from 1 1/2 inches to 72 inches and greater.

Once we establish the access point we can then proceed with trenchless pipe lining, wherein we will saturate a felt liner with epoxy. We then insert this into the damaged pipeline, pushing it through, and coating the pipe’s interior walls. Once the liner hardens in place, we will remove the liner and inspect the pipe once more.

Common Issues That Require CIPP Lining

CIPP pipe lining in Philadelphia, PA, addresses many common issues that affect underground pipes. For instance, tree root invasion often causes significant damage to pipes over the years, as the roots expand and grow while searching for a source of water. Once our inspection finds that the damage is largely limited to one area, trenchless sewer pipe lining can be a fast and affordable remedy. Cured-in-place piping can also be advisable when dealing with:

  • Weak spots around pipe joints
  • Damage from soil shifting
  • Age-related wear/damage affecting older cast iron or clay pipes
  • Damage from above-ground traffic
  • Freeze-thaw damage from extreme temperature changes

Benefits of CIPP Pipe Lining

This no-dig approach to sewer pipe lining repair has many advantages over traditional excavation methods. We say this because CIPP lining is overall a less labor-intensive process. This means it can be done with fewer technicians and without the need for heavy equipment. CIPP pipe lining is also a cost-effective alternative to full replacement, not to mention safer since there is no need for excavation work. The applied epoxy resin creates a solid interior pipe surface that can last for many years. It can also reopen points of connection with adjacent pipes. Again, keep in mind that CIPP pipe lining is suitable only for lines that we confirm are still stable, hence we will need to perform a sewer camera inspection first to verify the exact condition of the line in question.

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Integrity Environmental Services is pleased to be one of the leading pipe lining companies in Philadelphia, PA. We have achieved this sterling reputation in the industry because of our proven ability to plan and complete larger-scale projects in a way that does not significantly disrupt above-ground surfaces. Contact our team today by calling us or filling out the online form. We look forward to addressing your sewer pipe lining needs right away.

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Integrity Environmental Services is among the top pipe lining companies today that knows how to plan, coordinate, and complete large-scale projects with maximum efficiency. With our experts handling your project, you can always expect honest, clear, and fair rates as well as our undivided attention to every detail, from initial planning to project completion.