Sewer Camera Inspection

We Provide In-Depth Sewer Camera Inspection in Philadelphia, PA, and Neighboring Areas

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Sewer Camera Inspection

The first step we often take before recommending either pipe bursting or CIPP pipe lining in Philadelphia, PA, and nearby areas is to perform a sewer video inspection. At Integrity Environmental Services, we provide our clients real-time footage to see what's going on inside their pipes. Take a moment to learn more about our sewer camera inspection services and how you can benefit from our resources and skills.

The Sewer Camera Inspection Process

We typically perform a sewer camera inspection with a high-resolution camera. It's attached to a flexible cable and carefully guided through the sewer line by one of our trained technicians. Real-time images are shown on a monitor as the camera is advanced through the pipe. The images are recorded for additional review and reference. The sewer inspection is typically done through an access point called a cleanout, which makes it a quick and easy, minimally invasive process.

Common Issues We Look For

We will conduct a pipe camera inspection to determine if you will benefit more from trenchless or CIPP repair or pipe bursting in Philadelphia, PA, and the surrounding areas. As far as specific issues we look for when performing a sewer camera inspection, the most common ones include:

  • Cracks or fractures along pipe walls
  • Debris that's trapped inside
  • A buildup of calcium, limescale, or other types of sediment
  • Signs of corrosion and wear
  • Tree root problems
  • The overall stability of the affected pipe

Benefits of Our Camera Inspections

With our camera inspection services, our clients can expect the Integrity Environmental Services team to fully evaluate a pipe internally without the need for exploratory excavation. This alone can save you time and money. Inspections can also be done proactively to determine what's going on within your underground sewer line. What this does is allow our team to deal with potential issues before major problems develop.

Sewer camera inspections can be equally beneficial for Realtors or real estate agents. The results can be useful in providing clear documentation of the condition of sewer lines before a property is purchased or sold. In some instances, documented inspections may even be an added incentive for buyers.

Quality is our top priority here at Integrity Environmental Services. As a leading utility contractor, we mainly focus on larger-scale projects, including ones involving the need to identify and resolve underground pipe problems as soon as possible. With sewer camera inspections, our attention to detail and access to innovative technology allows for consistently reliable results. Our clients also benefit from our reasonable pricing and proven ability to plan and coordinate more extensive projects with optimal efficiency.

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Results from a sewer or drain inspection courtesy of the trained technicians from Integrity Environmental Services will provide the answers you need. We can also use the results to facilitate and fine-tune the design-build process when customized solutions are needed. Contact us today to schedule a sewer camera inspection in the following areas we serve:

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